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Corona Virus Home Schooling Tips

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Are you at home putting your kid in timeout? Have you even tried to suspend them or put them in detention?


If you are a parent and you are at home pulling your hair out, or laying on the floor in a ball crying because you are now a homeschool teacher then this video is for you.

My name is Ebony Holland and I am an educator. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years. I have taught first grade for 10 years, and currently I am teaching middle school so you know I know what I’m talking about.

Coronavirus COVID-19, has us in a frenzy. If you are a parent at home right now trying to be the teacher for your kid. This video have some great tips to help you along in this journey.


In the beginning of the school year, as a teacher I always assess my students to find out what types of learners they are. [Is] your child is a visual learner, an auditory learner with reading and writing, a kinesthetic learner? Does your child like to learn listening to music while learning?

Each learning type responds to a different method of teaching. You can find out what type of learning your child is through many type of assessment tests available online.


The second thing that I suggest that you do is to make a schedule. Make sure that you include your kid within that schedule. Make sure that you have provided time for breaks, meals, snacks, crafts and recess. Take them outside let them get some fresh air some vitamin D. This would help with structure. Your schedule doesn’t’ have to be as if you were in school. Let them sleep until they wake up. While they are asleep, you can get your work done. Remember you were working from home yourself, so you have to take the time or find time to get work done while they sleep. Before they wake is a very good time because I’m sure the house will be quiet. Structure in the schedule will help with your home school.


Make sure that you clear a designated space for learning. If you’re going to be in the kitchen, by the dining room make sure that it is presentable. Make sure that you have everything accessible for your kids, ie. pencils crayons papers sharpeners, whatever it is that [your] kid needs have it at the table. Make sure that space is quiet and well lit. Find a window, make sure that the room has a window, so they can get some sunlight into the room. Make sure that it’s clutter free.


Put some clothes on. Don’t go downstairs with your robe on, don’t let your kids to go downstairs into work in his pajamas. Get dressed, take a shower as if you’re going to school and to work, look presentable.


Now that you’ve gotten all that stuff out of the way it’s time to start working. I’m not sure if your child’s teacher has given you a packet. If you’re going to set them up online, make sure everything is there for them and if they need help, help them. If they don’t need help let them work independently. While they’re working do you work. Remember when they were born, if they were sleeping you slept, the same applies here.

Also I would suggest that you get to know what they know so you won’t feel kind of out of the loop trying to do one plus one and they’re like mommy does not how my teacher told me to do it. Make sure that you know what they know try to figure out how they learned it or whatever it is. You can call the teacher email the teacher if you don’t understand what they are supposed to do. If you see that they are struggling and they are stressed out stop it’s no stress they are not at school. Give them a break you take a break go outside get a popsicle whatever it is you need to do stop until they can regroup

Being a parent and a teacher at the same time is stressful, but don’t let it stress you out. Go easy on yourself. Remember that your kids are stressed too, because this is something different for them. Change is also stressful for kids.


There are a lot of resources that you can use if you’re not understanding something. There’s always Khan academy, there’s Rza-Kids, Ixl, ABC mouse, Scholastic, There’s so many different resources online they could help you in your homeschool teaching.

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