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Los Angeles

Legacy Project

The Los Angeles Legacy Project is a partner with the Los Angeles Unified School District our goal is to enhance the quality of public school education in the Los Angeles area.


Our program is focused on enhancing education in the most depressed areas of Los Angeles.  LALP provides a project based learning program based on  Journalism.   The journalism format brings with it opportunities to address deficiencies in reading, writing, research and public speaking, while introducing and or training students with soft skills that are adaptable to any career.  Those skills include project management, collaborative work , and a host of technical skills that are applicable to new and emerging media.


Elementary school students that took part in the program exhibited marked advancement in reading and comprehension.  They also exhibited increased social emotional skills. 


“Students need project based learning, this program engages students in authentic career building [while exercising] rigorous integrated tasks.”

                     -Ellen Tellez, Teacher 93rd Street Elementary School


The Los Angeles Legacy Project engages students in an active learning experience, that builds self-confidence and introduce students to careers in media production.  We use new and emerging technologies powered by GOOGLE, to facilitate collaborative work  in the production of segments of a webcast, or documentary.


Feel free to contact us in order to learn more about our program, or have The Los Angeles Legacy Project at your school.

If you would like to have THE LOS ANGELES LEGACY PROJECT at your school, feel free to contact us at the number and email provided.   We love to hear from you.  

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Tel: 213-292-8641

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